CEO, American Wines Matter

AWM has Absolutely Nothing to do With BLM.

When you have a public platform you will have your supporters, your neutral parties, and your naysayers. There is always going to be someone that has an objection to what you are trying to do. I’ve heard a lot of interesting speculations about the AWM platform, but today I take the time out to address one that got up under my skin…and to be honest with you, kept me up thinking very hard late last night.

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Self Love
CEO, American Wines Matter

A professional. A masquerader.

September 19th will mark my 18th year of military service. This is a reflection of my experiences with body shaming, self-discovery in mas, and how I began to be comfortable about my life as a professional and a masquerader.

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Behavioral Health
CEO, American Wines Matter

The Other Woman.

Honoring a tenant of self-love in the AWM mission statement, I will share with you how I was able to discover harmful thought patterns, illuminate a path to forgiveness, and see the beauty in a not-so great situation.

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