American Airlines airplanes, American Airlines advantage elite status
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Accelerate your American Airlines status and miles earnings

[bigletter]Complimentary upgrades, priority boarding and free checked luggage...Earning status with your favorite airline saves you money. 53% of my followers fly American Airlines to get to the Caribbean. In this blog, I am going to detail 5 ways to accelerate your status and miles earnings.[/bigletter]
Caribbean Carnival celebration
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Reasons to Participate in Carnival Overseas

[bigletter]If you are reading this, chances are you live in the United States and are more likely to experience your first jump on US soil. By all means, attend a smaller event to get your feet wet. But I will explain why you should look to your next Caribbean Carnival experience overseas.[/bigletter]
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Travel Credit Cards (with no annual fee)

[bigletter]A travel credit card is a fantastic tool that you can leverage to accelerate the points and miles you can use for future travel. But you may want something other than a card with an annual fee. Here is my list of no-annual fee travel credit cards you can consider.[/bigletter]
Charlotte Caribbean Carnival
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US Caribbean Carnival Events (You Didn’t Know Existed)

[bigletter]If you are a carnival newbie, you'll quickly find the more popular United States Caribbean Carnival events on your radar. But there are 15 other Caribbean Carnival events in the United States. Chances are, one of them is in your backyard.[/bigletter]
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Choosing the Right Travel Credit Card

[bigletter]People commonly ask me what travel credit cards I recommend. My response is that it really depends on who is using the card, and what they hope to get out of its use. In this blog, I talk about some things you should consider before taking the plunge on your next travel credit card application. Read on! [/bigletter]