Carnival stockings outside carnival? Yes.

Carnival stockings outside carnival? Yes.

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Save coin and think outside the box. If you’ve had conversations with dancers and performers, you’d…


Is “Carnival En” the next cool-down experience?

Is “Carnival En” the next cool-down experience?

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I remember stumbling across advertisements for Carnival En Cancun earlier this year but paid it no mind due to my pending move. But shortly before Miami Carnival I was encouraged to look at their Carnival En Punta Cana edition.



Atlanta Carnival? Atlanta-Dekalb Carnival? Confused? Let me help.

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There are two Atlanta carnivals happening. I’m here to help you with some information that will help you make your choice for 2022.  (Updated MARCH 10, 2022)

  • Atlanta-Dekalb Carnival route has significant changes. 
  • Intel on a longer parade route.

I’ve been sitting on my hands, waiting on things to be official for 2022 before I would even brush on this.  But news flash: There are two “Atlanta” carnival parades happening on the same date. Why? I won’t get into all that, but this is what you need to know.

Both Atlanta and Atlanta-Dekalb carnivals will take place Saturday, May 28th in different locations.  In the past, many people have gone to the wrong event they intended to seek, so it’s important to me to make you aware.

Two separate "Atlanta" Carnivals.

Atlanta Carnival

atlanta caribbean carnival parade route
Parade route from 2019.
Atlanta carnival 2022 Band launch flyer
Atlanta Carnival Band Launch will be February 5, 2022.

The ACCBA has announced all their bands will launch on February 5, 2022. 

To purchase tickets to cooler fete/band lanch,  click here.

Run by the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleader’s Association (ACCBA), the “downtown” Atlanta carnival is considered the “original” carnival that takes to the streets in downtown Atlanta.  Since a split around 2014-2015, the “downtown” Atlanta carnival has been on a smaller scale, but also has great vibes. I have been advised to expect MUCH more from the ACCBA this year. You can find out more here. The website is still updating information about the participating Mas Bads and Parade Route, so stay tuned. The links below are to their Facebook and Instagram pages.  You can also find their Facebook group here.

A representative of the ACCBA has advised me that the parade route will be the same as 2019’s route.  However, a little bird told me it is intended to have a longer parade route this year.

Atlanta-Dekalb carnival used to be a four-hour parade route. 


Downtown Atlanta Carnival Bands

Listing of the downtown Atlanta carnival bands are listed here and have been verified as current as of 11/19 by an ACCBA representative.  Most of these bands do not have instagram pages or websites listed.

Atlanta-Dekalb Carnival

Atlanta Dekalb Carnival Parade Route
This is the new parade route as of March 11, 2022.

The Atlanta Carnival Bandleader’s Council (ACBC) developed the Atlanta-Dekalb carnival after the split with the ACCBA.  Since then, Atlanta-Dekalb has been the most significant carnival, backed with more mas bands than the downtown event.  You can find out more at: 

The parade will take place on a new (but old) parade route on Convington Parkway in Decatur, GA.  It will start at Covington Parkway near Paul Edwin Drive, leading into the Festival village at 4380 Memorial Drive.

The old parade route was about four hours long.  On the other hand, the new parade route will be longer, giving masqueraders more time to enjoy themselves.

Atlanta-Dekalb bands.

Participating bands and launch dates come directly from ACBC.

We Kinda Ting Flyer

Launch date: December 12, 2021 (Virtually)

We Kinda Ting Mas has announced their theme for Atlanta-Dekalb Carnival with NinjaFete and Vaval Weekend as partners. Fonrose, Krave, Experience Nyrvana, David Dewer, and Mirage Mas are identified as section partners.  Still clarifying what that means to each,  It has been confirmed by reputable sources that Krave and Mirage will be private sections.  More to follow on the other section partners.

Note: WKT will close pre-registration on 6 December.

Band Launch January 7, 2022 (Launching Virtually).

Sokah Fetters mas Band Logo

Band Launch January 8, 2022, open for pre-registration.

Poison Mas

Band Launch January 9, 2022, open for pre-registration.

There have been hints on social media of a collaboration with Panache. More to follow.


Band Launch January 16, 2022.

Feters Army Mas Logo

Band Launch January 15, 2022

Sesame Atlanta Carnival Logo

Band Launch January 29, 2022


Band Launch January 22, 2022.


Reggaematic Mas has been listed by the ACBC as a band participating in Atlanta-Dekalb this year.  This band prides itself on playing music from all over the diaspora– Soca, Zouk, Afrobeats, and Dancehall.  No further information has been announced yet.

Feters Army Mas Logo

Band Launch January 15, 2022

Sesame Atlanta Carnival Logo

Band Launch January 29, 2022


TNT Garage Boys Flyer

TnT Garage Boys has a Band Launch February 5, 2022.

Image pending for Entice Mas.  Band Launch February 12, 2022.


Madd Colors has a band launch date of 2/19/2022.

We Live Carnival Flyer

Band Launch February 20, 2022.

Band Launch February 26, 2022

Band Launch January 23, 2022.


Mas with Panache Logo

Bamd Launch January 30, 2022.

Band Launch March 5, 2022. Vibez and Vision is open for pre-registration.

Band Launch January 19, 2022 (Launching Virtually).

Unity Mas Band

Band Launch March 12, 2022

Panyarder’s Mas Band Launch March 19, 2022. (Image Pending)

The VI all stars majorettes has been on the road in Atlanta for 16 years. They are a specialty group of majorettes, which is a huge staple of VI carnival since 1952. Children will learn history, teamwork and all about participating as a majorette in Carnival. This is for children ages 4-17.  They have had parents, so if you are interested as adult, feel free to contact.  If you want to register your child as a majorette, please shoot a DM or you can email Nicole Roebuck Warner at:  Registration will close early January 2022.

Don't ask me which to attend...

Well, you must know, I will not tell you all that, but I will continue to keep you abreast of the developments and information for both carnivals. The websites are in the process of updating, so it is not officially announced which band will turn up where (but if you’ve played Mas there, you’ll know).  Classically, band launches can start as early as December, all the way through March of next year.  A lot of bands had launched their costumes before 2020 was cancelled.  Likewise, let’s not forget that COVID-19 still has an impact on public events, so I anticipate there might be some differences.

Either way, I have attended both and can make recommendations whichever event you choose!  Would you believe I started playing Mas in Atlanta-Dekalb??  And so, It has a special place in my heart ❤️.  Either way, I will keep you guys in the know so you can make informed decisions.

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The Carnival Glam Hub Experience

The Carnival Glam Hub Experience

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My first experience with Carnival Glam Hub was for Trinidad 2020. I had a fantastic experience so when they popped up for Miami, I knew I had to be there. Here’s my review.


SSS Blue is a MUST-GO for Miami Carnival.

SSS Blue is a MUST-GO for Miami Carnival.

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The fete doesn’t stop after Carnival. SSS Blue is IT. While many people head to the…



Citrus Miami Carnival: Juice worth the squeeze?

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Citrus Miami Carnival was an amazing all-inclusive fete that completely exceeded my expectations. Here’s my review.

I regretted not going to citrus in 2019.

2019 was my first year at Miami Carnival.  After working the 18th day, I packed my stuff for Miami.  I was physically and mentally exhausted and there was so much rain that day.  I heard Citrus was muddy.  My followers know I hate mud, so I sat that fete out.  The rave reviews flooded social media and I made it a point to make sure that I attended.

Caesar's Army for Citrus Miami Carnival? Say less.

Caesar's Army dropped this hint in August and stirred a social media frenzy.

I have never heard anything negative about radiance productions.  After my experience with Caesar’s Army in TT, I know that anything associated with the brand was going to be top notch.  So when Caesar’s Army announced they had partnered with Radiance for Citrus, I was ready to give this event ALL OF MY MONEY. All of it.  

Buying my Citrus Miami Carnival Ticket.

Since I purchased my tickets back in 2019, I expected to be on the loyalty list.  But I forgot that I purchased leftover tickets way after sales had closed and made my purchase to radiance productions through Venmo.  Luckily I found the transaction and sent the screenshot to their DM and they got me hooked up with the loyalty purchase link.  At $129 each on Eventbrite (ticket and fees included) Im just glad I didn’t have to purchase my ticket at regular price (up to $150 not including fees). Eventbrite has always been a seamless platform for me, so there were no issues processing the transaction.  I was able to add my name to my ticket, and send my significant other’s ticket by adding his name and email address to his ticket as well.

Miami I reach! Where's my costume?! And what do you mean Citrus hasn't started?

I landed in Miami early that morning.  I lucked out because it was set for me to come straight off the plane and head to Citrus that Friday afternoon.  The fete Gods and Goddesses were on my side as American Airlines asked me to switched to a later flight.  I called the airline and countered with an offer to fly earlier.  It worked.  

Costume distribution was also supposed to happen but just as I pulled into my AirBnB,  I received an email from Euphoria Mas that my section would not be distributed with no published time or date.  Bacchanal started and I hadn’t been in Miami a solid two hours.  Meanwhile, Citrus should have started, but for whatever reasons had not.  People sitting/standing outside the venue for more than four hours.  Bottles of water being handed out to combat the Miami heat.   Insta stories of bartenders and staff inside an empty venue ready to serve. Pissed off patrons. Reasonably so.  I took this opportunity to stop by the mas camp to get dialogue with the Band Leader about what was going on with my section.  After a while, Citrus eventually opened up close to 6pm.  Although it was set to end at 7, they extended the event until 11.  Honestly, this significant delay worked out well for me as I took that time to chase my costume.  But I can’t say the same for others.

Parking was a HOT MESS.

Citrus Miami Carnival’s location was kept close hold until a few days prior and eventually displayed on my ticket.  The event was held at Island Gardens in downtown Miami.  Although the venue was stunning, there were no clear directions on where to park.  My GPS led me to an entrance and security turned me around and left me to my own devices. Perhaps there was another event that night, but I am not too sure. People parked under bridges, and blocked each other in just to get to the venue.  I decided to play it safe and valet parked at Joia Beach restaurant (for twenty bucks) nearby.  Went to the bartender and pointed to a drink I saw on Yelp and indulged until my crew showed up.

having a drink before citrus miami carnival
Joia Beach restaurant was the perfect spot to park my car and de-stress before the fete. A gorgeous ambiance and right in front of the water too.

A tropical paradise! But I almost caught an ambulance ride.

Inside the venue was absolutely beautiful.  The vibes just and decor honoring the tropical paradise theme.  The food and alcohol lines ran long, but moved quickly.  The food was warm and the vibes were high.  The size of the plates were not very large and the samples of the food reminded me of tapas sized meals.  Small enough to get a taste but keep room in your stomach for more.

Small plate after small plate, I indulged in crab,  and shrimp pasta. All was good until I had the bake and shark.  Nothing was wrong with the food. My boyfriend is West Indian, and his hand for pepper is heavy.  I bit into my bake and shark and took note of the pepper and decided I would take nibbles.

I gradually started to feel ill.  Slight queasiness, then nausea. I literally thought I was going to vomit.  Looking for a tree nobody could see me, we sat there for a while, but I got worse.  I started to overheat and even my purse became unbearable to wear.  I started getting light headed and I thought I was about to faint.  Luckily, the ambulance was but a few feet from me.  After sitting on the ground for a bit, i sipped on some ginger ale for a bit, and felt much better.  To this day, I have no idea what happened, but all I know is that bae is not allowed put pepper on my food not ever again. 

High Vibes and Live Performances

Side note, I’ll never again where a two piece dress to a fete again.  give me a romper, or pants set, cause a long skirt just made me feel restricted.  Confined to my skirt that was entirely too long and platform shoes I shouldn’t have worn, I enjoyed taking in the atmosphere of joy, good food and libations.  

Was the juice worth the squeeze? For me? Absolutely.  I do hope however that whatever led to their crazy-late start will be rectified in the future. I look forward to seeing with Radiance Productions x Caesar’s Army has in store for Miami Carnival 2022.

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Going to Caribbean Carnival as a Couple

Going to Caribbean Carnival as a Couple

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This year will the first that I will be attending carnival and the fetes with a boo. Having seen the videos of fighting couples and the uncomfortable chad in my timeline, I assume those couples had not had a discussion about their ROE (rules of engagement, yes I used a military phrase) at these types of events. I honestly feel that a lot of couples new to the scene may not even know what to expect. So if you are new to Carnival, experienced, and/or new to bringing a significant other with you, this blog is definitely for you. And you know what? This blog is for me too, because its certainly unfamiliar territory for me as well.


(Culture) Activities for Miami Carnival

(Culture) Activities for Miami Carnival

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Heavy into the COVID-19 era, I reflected on how I would do things a little bit differently when traveling for carnival. I decided that for every event I would attend, I would make it a point to seek a culture-related activity to gain some new knowledge to share and broaden my perspective. Listed below are some activities you might want to partake as you head down for Miami Carnival 2021.



AWM’s must-haves for the Carnival road experience!

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I was STRESSED preparing for my first jump!

My first carnival jump at Atlanta-Dekalb was fast and furious.  We’re talking maybe less than 8 weeks before I knew my feet would touch road for the very first time.  This would have been my sister’s second jump so although I had someone with me, the know-what and how was still very much limited.  But don’t worry… If this is your first jump, I got you! Im going to separate these items for you:  Before the road, and During. To be transparent, there are affiliate links on these page, but I have personally used these items, or have had these items recommended from other experienced masqueraders. Thank you so much for your support!

Pre-Jump Necessities

Carnivalista Pasties
I customized my carnivalista pasties with gems.

I have a very strict rule– I WILL wear pasties with every wire bra because nipple slips happen, especially if you are high energy on the road.  I have been using Carnivalista smoothies for years.  They now come in four shades to best match your skin tone so it doesn’t contrast from your skin and your costume.  Brown skin and “tan” pasties are just unsightly.  Each pack of Carnivalista smoothies comes with three pair. Use code: AWM2021 for 10% off your order.

**Note** The diameter of the carnivalista smoothie (without the petal part) is about 2 inches in diameter.  If your breasts are blessed with larger areolas, I do not recommend these for you.  Check below for larger pasties.

 When putting on the pastie, make sure the surrounding skin is free of moisturizers/lotion.  Even your body wash has moisturizers! I recommend prepping the skin with rubbing alcohol and making sure its completely dry before sticking on.

Pasties for larger areolas

I purchased these Maidenform pasties on Amazon to get ready for Trinidad carnival as my favorites at Carnivalista were out of stock. With a pricepoint of 9 bucks, it came with five pair. I did end up finding my favorites while packing, but took these with me anyway.  One of my travel mates didn’t have any on our trip and had larger areolas. These fit her great.  

** Note** When putting on the pastie, make sure the surrounding skin is free of moisturizers/lotion.  Even your body wash has moisturizers! I recommend prepping the skin with rubbing alcohol and making sure its completely dry before sticking on.

I really recommend a menstrual cups for the road if you can.

Okay okay hear me out.  Ladies, there’s a good chance you will be on your period when you touch road.  Why not be mess and leak free? I was unfortunately on my cycle for Houston Carnival and had to wear my Diva Cup.

 A menstrual cup is made of silicone and safe for wear up to 12 hours.  If your flow is medium or light, you may not have to worry about running to a port-a-john at all.  At carnival, your hands WILL GET DIRTY and its probably best to keep them from your lady parts as much as possible (even if you have hand sanitizer). I recommend testing out the cup to learn how to use it before you wear it for carnival.  Not all cups are made equal. I went through a brand before I found the diva cup.  But I have been pad and tampon free for three years and won’t be going back.

**Note** If your cycle is heavier and you know you will have to empty your cup during the road experience, I recommend you save this for another day.  

Spirit Gum is a hard-core adhesive.

This recommendation comes from my friends in the Burlesque community.  How you think they get their bedazzled pasties to say on when they swing those tassles?! LOL 

We treat spirit gum like how we treat lash glue.  Place it on the skin or the pastie and allow it to get tacky before we put the pastie on.  I would recommend this for anyone that just sweats a lot, or those dare-devils who just decide they wanna wear nothing but the pastie and want the extra assurance there will be no nipple-gate.  Mark my words, its not going anywhere. 

Carnivalista does a fantastic job with the adhesive. I literally have to get in the shower to remove my pasties. But if you’re going with a different brand (esp the one listed above) I can’t vouch for their adhesive qualities.

Use bikini bite if you don't want your ass eating your panty.

I became hip to Bikini Bite waaaay back in 2012 when I was prepping for bikini division bodybuilding.  When you are on the road, your panty tends to migrate… OFTEN. To be honest, I went to thongs just because I got tired of pulling my panty out of my ass.  But! If you must have your coverage, I strongly recommend bikini bite.  This will make your panty stay PUT. 

**Note** this probably will not work as well if you intend to wear leggings under your panty.

If you bought cheap shoes for carnival, you're likely going to need better insoles.

Foot care is just as important as your footwear! Most likely you’re going to buy a shoe to match your costume and you’re not going to want to be very expensive. Because of that you’ll find little no no insole support at ALL.  Strongly recommend you buy a pair of insoles to put inside your shoes. Your feet will thank you.

Want leggings? You need to check out Carnivalista. Ive worn many brands but the color match is unbeaten.  Carnivalista offers up to 6 shades to choose from to best match your skin tone.  Leggings offer coverage if you’re looking to hide scars/cellulite,  and can also be used as shapewear  as well.  Be sure to check out their website and use code: AWM2021 at checkout.

**Note** For my ladies looking to leggings as shapewear, I recommend any of their leggings that are closely knit (naked, gliss). Your shimmer/shine tights are also up your alley. Leggings with a wider fishnet will offer less shaping capacity.


Don’t forget code: AWM2021 at checkout!

On the Road

Some people opt for a small backpack or fanny pack to hold their things during the road experience. I really don’t like anything around my waist covering up the costume so I opt for the Flex Bag which just goes around the thigh. I have thick thighs and this fits comfortably and stays up. It has two compartments and does fit my iPhone 12 Pro Max with a case on it (although it can get snug). For Houston Carnival, I had my car keys and ID one one side and my phone on the other.

 Another favorite is the Lynx Hip Bag. Because it is patent leather, I really like to wear these to J’ouvert as I know that my things with stay dry and also within my sight as people do unfortunately steal.  The lynx hip bag is versatile as is worn Laura Croft style, and you can remove the thigh strap and extend the waist loop to turn it into a cute shoulder bag. It has a nicely sized compartment for your larger items and you can store flat items in the front pouch.

The Pump will hold smaller phones, cash and other small items. Not my favorite as I found I struggled a little bit to remove items from my pouch while on the road. I think if you don’t pack it as tightly you will be just fine. I personally just prefer to be completely hands free during my experience.

I have not worn the Vega bag, but intend to test it out in the future. 

Don’t forget code: AWM2021 at checkout!

Stand up to pee.

I already can hear it now:  “Wait, WHAT?” Hear me out. Being in the military I have found the need to pee in obsure places, and there was no way I was risking muscle failure while squatting to pee.  Here is where the pstyle comes in.  Its a device so that you can pee while standing up.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND FUNNEL devices because if your stream can’t match the rate of funnel you’re going end up giving yourself a golden shower.  This pstyle is more of a “slide” device and sits right up under your lady parts while you pee.  If you go directly to their website, you can purchase a matching pouch with a little clip to attach to you while you’re on the road or at j’ouvert.

This came in especially handy at Caesars Army Ambush TT.  There were no port-a-johns to be found, and a lot of trees and bushes. The rest is up to your imagination.

**Note** Practice at home before hand.


Your inner thighs will thank you.

Haaay thick thighs! I love mine, but not in a pencil dress or when it’s hot outside.  Bring out the dreaded “chub rub”. Shapewear will prevent inner thigh chaffing, but if you dont want to wear leggings/tights, I strongly recommend this body glide that will prevent that painful rub from happening.

There's More!

For sake of brevity, let me direct you to my Amazon Storefront which will provide you footwear recommendations, self care, masquerader kit items, my favorite tech, carnival and j’ouvert recommendations and even home decor.  And if you have any recommendations, please let me know! I continue to learn from all of you.



Discussing Carnival with Friends and Family

Discussing Carnival with Friends and Family

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As an African American woman not brought up in the culture, I have found myself having some very… interesting interactions with friends, and even some family members that really don’t understand carnival outside what they see in my photos or on social media otherwise. Some of my interactions were very exciting, and heart-warming. Some? Not so much, and some just downright offensive and awkward. You will find my reflections of these experiences below. Perhaps this will inspire you to consider how you will approach these situations in the future, especially if you decide that playing mas is going to be a regular occurrence for you.


Carnival Returns:  How will you do things differently?

Carnival Returns: How will you do things differently?

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A vaccine has come and as the numbers of those vaccinated in the United States increase, the number of active COVID 19 cases continue to fall. And so… in 2021…Carnival returns. How will you do things differently?