About AWM

This platform is a reflection of myself as an African American woman engaging in the Caribbean carnival experience as a form of healing while learning about the culture.  This platform is also a reflection of celebrating the things that make us similar throughout the African diaspora while honoring what makes us different.

Mission Statement

To shed light on an African American woman’s perspective of discovering her roots embedded in Caribbean culture.


To capture the experiences of Caribbean Mas, J’ouvert, fetes, and other activities in means that inspire others to embrace the culture and dispel many misconceptions of those who do not understand its historical roots.


To share current and developing knowledge through my experiences. To spread awareness and love of Soca and Caribbean Mas to all those interested, especially those who feel they are not included because of their cultural backgrounds.


To provide guidance/mentorship to experienced/inexperienced masqueraders and revelers with tips and tricks to make their experiences smoother and less stressful.


To function as a sounding board for various platforms that make significant cultural contributions to black communities.


To utilize my credentials as a certified Physician Assistant to provide education about healthcare concerns specific to the black community.

To utilize my life experiences, gifts of intelligence, optimism, and charisma to cultivate a love of self in all women of varying shapes and sizes and encourage them to step outside their comfort zone to enjoy the Caribbean culture.

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