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Picking your Carnival Costume

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Costume selection can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time! Even as an experienced masquerader, I have been torn between two or three costumes in a band.  Don’t fret! I will teach you the principles I use when picking a carnival costume.

To read about how to choose the right band, click here

#1: Budget

Budget plays a role in everything.  When I started to plan for Saint Lucia carnival, the costume I loved the most was out of my budget at the time. Consequently, I chose a cheaper costume instead.  Sometimes you may not be able to afford your favorite costume, and that is okay! It’s better to go in something you can afford than not at all. .

Pick your carnival costume, pick your carnival outfit, carnival costume selection, how to pick your carnival costume, how to pick your carnival costume, pick a carnival costume
Broken feathers in the first hours of Saint Lucia Carnival 2022.

#2: The crowd

Some carnival events are known to be more crowded than others.  While you may adore your ultra-mega-frontline wings, you may find them destroyed beyond recognition before you cross the stage.  For example, the roads in Saint Lucia are very narrow. I knew my backpack would be heavily damaged, so I wore it for photos but left it back at my Airbnb. Nobody will care for your feathers as you do. If you believe your joy may be stolen by damage, consider small backpacks and collars instead.

#3: Comfort

Always choose a costume that you would feel comfortable wearing. If you feel a costume exposes too much skin, it’s totally okay to pick something with more coverage.  I am not particularly a fan of calling costumes “curvy” because the reality is that even leaner women desire more coverage for various reasons.  If you want to wear a two – piece costume, you can even choose high waist panties and boy shorts.  Mas bands are prepared to accommodate a variety of preferences. If you don’t see your option, just ask!

#4: Flattering styles

First off, YOU CAN WEAR WHATEVER COSTUME YOU WANT! But when I look at costumes, I look for particular cuts that compliment my shape.  For example, I have a short torso, and full Hips.  Low cut patients that cut straight across make my torso look even shorter and my hips even sider.  I prefer high-cut panties instead. 

carnival costume selection

#5: Function

They say that backline masqueraders have more fun, but I beg to differ.  I’m a frontline masquerader with backline behavior, but it’s all about ease of movement while you are on the road.  To be honest, I have taken a frontline backpack off on the truck so I could maneuver the crowds more easily for a while.  If you don’t want your freedom of movement limited, you may choose a smaller backpack, collar, or no feather work at all.


If you have any tips to share, feel free to comment below! If you have any questions, you can drop them in the comments, or email  I hope this helped!

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Choosing your carnival band

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So you have decided to participate in Carnival and now you are overwhelmed trying to decide which band to join.  This can be totally overwhelming for even the experienced masqueraders.  Most people choose to go with the suggestion of their friends or word of mouth.  Some may even research blogs and suggestions from influencers.  The truth is finding the “right” band is totally subjective and based on your needs and expectations.  Below are my suggestions on how to choose a carnival band. 

To read about getting started with Carnival, click here.

#1: Budget.

When choosing your mas band, it is important to consider your budget. Ask yourself: How much do you want to spend, TOTAL? Then, How much of that do you want to spend on a costume?

Many are eager to jump for registration without considering the cost of travel, parties, accessories and other outfits.  Decide how much you can spending total, then decide how much you feel comfortable spending on a costume.

You may find that your costume budget may not be right for the most popular band, but perfect for the smaller ones. 

choosing your carnival band, choosing your mas band, how to pick a mas band how to pick a carnival band

#2: Amenities

If amenities are important to you, review each band and what they offer with your carnival experience.  You may find that some bands offer your favorite costume but not many frills you want, such as portable toilets, air-conditioned trucks to rest on, touch-up trucks, etc.  

Note: This recommendation speaks mostly to overseas carnival events. If I am being honest, I’ve found that most amenities offered by many US bands per their websites don’t make it on the road.  Note that I said many, and not all.

#3: Music

Carnival is exploding in popularity and with that come masqueraders from all over the world.  You will find that some bands may choose to play music to represent their masqueraders, or the crowd that is watching the parade.

But when I play mas, I prefer to hear MOSTLY Soca music. Some bands have a reputation for playing some bands have a reputation for playing mostly Dancehall or other genres.  If you are interested in a band, ask to find out what their music is like. In most cases, you won’t know which DJs will be on the truck until closer to the parade.

choosing your carnival band, choosing your mas band, how to pick a mas band how to pick a carnival band

#4: Your “fete” style and other needs

For the absolute best time, seek a band that matches your energy level (or vibe).  Not every masquerader is looking for a high-energy experience.  For example, if you are looking for a more relaxed experience, high-energy bands will likely not be the fit for you.   

If customer service and an intimate experience with band members are essential to you, a smaller band may also be something to consider.  Bands with fewer masqueraders can provide a more personalized experience as they have more staff and the capacity to address each masquerader’s unique needs.

#5: Band History and Trends

When you find a band that meets your interests, ask around and do a little digging before you drop that non-refundable deposit. It’s not a  matter if a band will have logistical issues, but when, and how it will affect you. How bands handle tough situations is VERY important.

Reading social media comments, blog reviews, and asking around will be important with determining if you want to patronize a particular band and/or section leader.  As you become more experienced, you might get hip to fantastic bands, but section leaders with an unreliable history. Until then, do as much digging as possible, and trust your gut.

Have fun picking your carnival band!

I hope these tidbits help you with choosing your band.  By the way,

DON’T SLEEP ON THE SMALL BANDS! They are great, too. 

Not everyone needs to jump with the most prominent, band to have a great time.  Take each of the factors I have listed and prioritize them according to your needs as you make a decision.

If you have any other suggestions, be sure to hit the comment box below.  If you have any specific questions, you can also email me at:

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Travel Essentials for Carnival Chasers

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If you are reading this, chances are you have read many blogs and watched many YouTube videos to prepare yourself for the Carnival experience.  Given my military background, I tend to take my approach to blogging differently when it comes to traveling, especially overseas. In this blog, I will talk about a few things I believe every carnival chaser should have when traveling in the US and abroad. These travel essentials  are about saving you money while keeping you safe and prepared. Read on!

Travel essentials, carnival, carnival chaser

Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

When booking most travel, you get to opt-in or out by purchasing  travel insurance. When it comes to trip insurance, it is essential to read the fine print before you buy. 

Emergency medical travel insurance provides  coverage and assistance in an medical emergency, especially while overseas.  It gives you access to medical and legal referrals, hospital admissions, and air evacuation back home if needed.  Check your insurance policy to see if this is already covered for you.  It is definitely a travel essential that is definitely overlooked.

Emergency Alert system

More than one reliable person should know your whereabouts.  Please give them your itinerary of all activities, including when and how you are leaving and coming home. If you have a driver, share the name and license plate number.  Share your location with your trusted friends/family until you get home. Consider purchasing an alert device that you can wear.  For example, my Garmin 935 watch has an emergency alert system that discreetly notifies three contacts. Yes, it has come in handy.

Hotel/Airlines Rewards Memberships

Travel Essentials Carnival Hotel Memberships
How does paying only $600 to go to the maldives for a week sound?

If you are an avid flyer, you are hurting yourself by not signing up for airline memberships (which are free). And yes, spirit and frontier have them, too. Accumulating miles with your favorite airline will ultimately get you perks, such as free upgrades and complimentary checked luggage.  Accrue enough miles over time, and you can purchase your next ticket with airline miles.  I recommend signing up with the airlines you use the most to maximize your earning potential, as you can’t transfer miles from one airline to another.

To learn how to accrue airline miles without flying, click here.

Likewise, the same applies to Hotel Memberships.  Since 2019, I have accrued over 740,000 points with IHG, enough to stay in the Maldives for almost one week.  Memberships with your favorite hotels allow you to maximize the points you can earn (based on membership tier).  Hotel memberships also give you access to complimentary upgrades and perks such as free breakfast and high-speed wifi. Even if you are traveling for work, those points are yours! All you have to do is sign up. Did I emphasize FREE?

Have an American Express in your arsenal.

My AMEX cards come with travel perks and a vicious dispute policy.

This recommendation is DEFINITELY for masqueraders, and NO, YOU DO NOT have to have a high income or an 800-credit score.   

If you have been living under a rock or are new to the carnival scene, it is a common occurrence that masqueraders are a) not getting their costumes or b) receiving costumes partially. Talk to a seasoned masquerader and they will tell you that they or someone they know is waiting on a refund from a band.

Over the years, other masqueraders have told me that American Express has the most aggressive and efficient dispute process compared to any bank or credit card. Mastercard and Visa members have a middleman in the dispute process.  American Express handles disputes directly. If you have clear proof, you WILL get your money back. AMEX is on your side, not the merchant. AMEX does have a policy of 120 days for a dispute, except for Goods and Services. Your costume is considered goods and services.

When comparing AMEX cards, it is essential to ensure you are reading the fine print, making sure the card will suit your needs and is worth the yearly fee.  For example, The AMEX platinum is $695 yearly, and the AMEX Gold is $250.  I went with the Gold because I don’t feel I travel enough to justify the yearly fee when I retire, and there are many perks the platinum offers that I don’t need, or don’t care for.

American Express automatically applies travel insurance to any of your flights and even car rentals paid on your AMEX credit card. Some AMEX cards also include emergency medical Insurance.  No need to pay extra when you book your flight or rentals. Your luggage, delays, and even hotel stays (as a result of flight cancellation) are covered.

Before applying for any AMEX make sure it fits your needs and that use of the card will outweigh your yearly fees.  If you are military, your yearly fees are waived.

Interested applying? Check out my referral links below!

For a list of all their personal cards, click here.

Have at least one credit card with travel perks.

Get a credit card that pays you back on travel. Photo credit: Evgenia Parajanian/Shutterstock

The carnival chaser life is expensive.  Having a credit card that pays you back will make travel cheaper.  There are several credit cards out there that give you travel rewards.  For example:

– My IHG Rewards Premier credit card gives me up to 26X points during my stay at any IHG hotel, 5X the rewards on travel, dining, and gas, and 3X on any other purchase. And a bonus: I got an additional 140,000 points after spending 3,000 on the card. This bonus covers almost two days in the Maldives! While I am currently an IHG Diamond Member, I will always be, at minimum, a Platinum Elite member for simply having the card.

Interested in applying? Click here.

– My Delta SkyMiles Platinum AMEX will give me 90,000 miles after spending $3,000 in three months, 3X miles on purchases made directly with Delta, 3X miles on hotels, and 2X on dining. I also get priority boarding and a free checked bag.

Most travel rewards come with a yearly fee, so make sure you do your homework and ensure that you will get your money’s worth every year.  And, of course, use your credit cards responsibly!

carnival chaser, masquerader, carnival, travel essentials

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Tips for Ordering a Wire Bra

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When ordering your carnival costume, you choose a regular bra or a wire bra.  Wire bras are popular, but used to be for individuals/queens.  In other words, wire bras are currently mass-produced and won’t be custom made to you when you purchase your costume.  As a result, a new masquerader is more likely to encounter complications with fit.  You spend so much money on your costume, and it’s important to me that you have a good experience. Here are my tips for ordering your wire bra.

Wire bra basics you should know

bust vs cup size wire bra blog

Your band and cup measurements dictate the size of a regular bra, and some wire bras.  The band is measured just underneath the breast and serves as an important foundation of your bra.  The cup is a reflection of the volume of your breasts.

According to an article by the independent, 80% of women do not wear the right size bra. In turn, this can be a costly mistake for you. In light of this, I  recommend you fitted at your local Victoria’s Secret, or lingerie store.

wire bra sister sizes

Understanding your “sister size” is important.  Sister sizes are groups of a bra-equivalent that is related by the cup’s volume.  For example, I wear a 32DDD bra, but I can also wear a 34DD or a 36D. If you are remotely curious about what your sister sizes might be, check out the chart below.

Note: This is a general guideline based on my experience. All bodies and breasts are unique, and you know your ta-ta’s best!

Once you find your size, all of the sizes to the right and left are considered your sister size. I would recommend you look for one size to the left or right. Chart from

Ordering a wire bra by band & cup

Order your carnival costume in your current size. Some women know their bra sizes change with weight loss. As a result, you might be tempted to order a costume based on a weight loss goal.  Wire bras that are slightly too big can be better manipulated than wire bras that are too small.  A wire bra too small can cause nipple slips, discomfort and chaffing.

If you notice you don’t see your bra size available, consider ordering by sister size. If you do not see a sister size and have your heart set on wearing a wire bra, contact the band to see if they have options available for you.

Note:  Wire bra artisans will create one with your bust, cup height, and cup width in mind.  When you register with a band, wire bras are mass-produced with a general guide in mind. Creating a wire bra to support larger busts/breasts requires a lot of skill and additional techniques to ensure comfort of wear and that your lovelies stay in place. Because of this, larger-breasted women may not be offered the option of a wire bra.  If your heart is set on wearing a wire bra, I highly recommend @wiredchic_ on Instagram.

Ordering a wire bra by cup size

Wire bra registration carnival costume with wire bra

Some bands will ask you to select your wire bra by cup size.  Remember: a cup size is a measurement of the volume of your breast and does not consider the bust.

Funny story: I registered to play mas with a band and selected a bra according to my bust/cup.  At distribution, the band distributed cup size bras.  The DDD cup size was almost the size of my face. Luckily for me, they had D cup bras and swapped it out.

bust to cup ratio explained for carnival costume wire bras

My 32DDD breasts have less volume than a woman with 38DDD breasts.  A 38DDD woman may fit a DDD cup wire bra, it would be too large for me.

If you are a brand new masquerader and don’t know your cup size, you need to consult your band/section leader immediately before making your selection. If you don’t have clarity, don’t chance it.

Other useful tips

carnival costume with wire bra
With experience, I learned that I can wear a D cup wire bra.

To be transparent, not all styles of wire bras work for all breasts, especially since they are mass-produced.  If you are not sure if a wire bra will work for you, I encourage you to select a regular bra option.

Depending on the perkiness of your breasts, you may find that some wire bra styles may not work for you, even though it is the right size.

Where to get a custom wire bra

Note:  Keep in mind that If you want a custom bra, your costume price will not be reduced. 

I have worked with the following stateside artisans below and highly recommend them. Click the hyperlinks below:

Alternatively, I have been following @gingerwirebras for some time, and love her work.  She is based in Trinidad.

In conclusion,  hope this little bit of information helps you choose your wire bra for a carnival costume.  If you have any questions or comments, please comment below, or contact me at  Alternatively, I can also be reached via DM on Instagram.  Be sure to subscribe to my website to stay up to date with my upcoming blogs.

If you’ve made it this far, check out my carnival must-haves!

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carnival costume



Shoes for Carnival

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Prepping for carnival does not stop with ordering the costume.  Now you have to think about things, such as fishnets, bags, gems, hairstyles, makeup, and footwear.  A common question I am asked is: Where do I find carnival shoes? Where do I find carnival boots? What shoes do you recommend? 

In this blog, I will talk to you about the different types of shoes for carnival and list some of my recommendations. 

Note: This blog contains affiliate links, but I stand by the products and recommendations I have used or implemented.  Thank you so much. your support!

When it comes to a carnival shoe, nothing will beat comfort.  


carnival shoe
Amazon has so many budget friendly sneakers with a wide color range! Click the photo to check out my idea list on amazon.

Sneakers are my absolute go-to carnival shoes. You can find them anywhere, but you can also find many style options.  I don’t like to spend a lot of money on my carnival shoes, so I found some incredibly comfortable, budget-friendly styles with a wide range of color options! 

Note: If you ever purchase a cheap shoe, I strongly recommend replacing the insoles.  Be sure to take out the insoles they came with BEFORE you put the new ones in.  Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for a poor fit.


carnival shoes
Wearing the carnivalista steps in Spice. Clik the photo to shop. Use Code: AWM2022 for 10% of your order

 I adore wedge sneakers for carnival.  Alternatively, you can get wedge boots.  I am 5’1’’ on a good day, so I would like all the height I can comfortably reach.  Having short legs, wedge sneakers lengthen their appearance and lifts my butt a little bit.

If you decide to get a wedge sneaker, be mindful of the height of the wedge vs the drop stopping at the base of the balls of your feet.  If the difference is more than 2 inches, you may not find them comfortable for wear over time.


carnival boots
I purchased these boots and glued on cowrie shells to match my costume. I also have a black pair for J'ouvert. Click the photo to shop!

Alternatively, boots are a versatile option for carnival. You can choose knee-high, ankle boots and booties, flats, heels, or wedges. I got a great pair of combat boots that I have worn for J’ouvert, and I even dressed up a red pair for Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad.  If you sweat a lot, you may find that you might not prefer to wear knee-high lengths. Carnival kicks have been known for their high-quality, budget-friendly carnival boots.  Be sure to check them out.


carnival boot gold
I wore these boots for a short carnival route, Houston 2021. I don't prefer it for myself.

I am not a fan of heels for carnival, but do you, boo-boo!  

I have worn a pair of platform heels on the road.  Platform heels won’t be as stressful as a pair of stilettos, but bear in mind the wear on your feet will be accumulative. Take note of the height difference at the top of the heel (where your heel sits) and where the base of the shoe (where the balls of your feet sit).  The greater the difference, the more stress on your foot.  

We all know that heels do wonders for the legs and butt, but they’re not meant to be worn ALL DAY LONG.  Heels will push your toes toward the toe box, which can lead to some tender toes.  Additionally, weak ankles should not subscribe to wearing heels on the road.  The terrain may not always be flat, and you may encounter potholes or cracks in the road.

Where to buy carnival shoes

Check out a few online stores from which I shop. I highly recommend them, so click the names to head to the website.

Footwear tips/tricks

  • Watch out for sneakers that have soles with absolutely no bend.
  • All (cheap) sneakers and shoes need to have their insoles replaced. Be sure to take out the sole it came with before you replace it with the new one.
  • Avoid shoes that have very stiff toe boxes (waffle).
  • Break in your carnival shoe as much as you can. I wear them when I take my dogs for walks, and will even start wearing them when I get on treadmill walks at home. This is a good opportunity to see if you think you might want better insoles than the ones they came with.
  • Consider shoe horns. Some shoes are made narrow.  If you size up, the carnival shoe may be too large.  Put shoe horns inside to stretch out the toe box.
  • Pad your hot spots. If you know there are certain areas of your feet/toes that might blister, you can get some corn pads to wear.
  • If you are going to wear any hosiery, put your socks on BEFORE your stockings. Especially fishnets. Fishnets over time will dig into your toes and reduce circulation.

I hope this blog helps you with selecting your carnival shoe! What style do you think you would like to wear? What tips or tricks do you have to share with others? Comment below!

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Caribbean Carnival and Heat Injuries

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AWM, PA-C here!  I have been in medicine since 2003 and certified as a physician assistant since 2013.  Carnival season is heating up (pun intended), and we have to talk about how to keep us healthy and safe. No one talks about it, but the risk of heat injury is very real.

To prepare you, I will talk about some heat injuries, conditions that leave you at risk, and tips to help keep you safe. 

heat injury chart thermoregulation
How your body regulates temperature.

How your body regulates heat

Your magical body works hard to regulate your body temperature by sweating.  

Say thank you to a small part of your brain called the hypothalamus, which acts as a command center for many body functions.  It acts as a thermostat that reacts to stimuli within and outside your body to regulate your temperature. Skin, sweat glands, and blood vessels function as vents, condensers, and heat ducts of your body’s heating and cooling system.

Your middle layer of the skin (dermis) stores most of your body’s water.  Heat activates the sweat glands, which bring water and salt to the surface of the skin, causing evaporation to cool the body. Your blood vessels also dilate, which helps remove heat from your core.

Environmental factors of Heat Injury

Caribbean Carnival Heat Injury
Humidity, low wind and little shade a recipe for heat injury. Photo credit: CNN

Participation in the Caribbean Carnival means being outside.  Air temperature, relative humidity, heat from the sun, air movement (wind), and conductive heat from the ground (sidewalk/road) all come into play.  

Some of the worst scenarios  would be high pavement temperatures, poor shade, low wind and high humidity.

Humidity is when surrounding air cannot hold water vapor.  This causes sweat to evaporate slowly, if at all.  And so, if evaporation does not occur, your body temperature increases.  This is why you feel so much hotter in environments of high humidity.

Personal factors of heat injury

Personal factors of heat injuries. Credit: Two Rivers Insurance Services.

Those at the highest risk of heat-related diseases are considered clinically overweight, currently ill, and taking certain medications. Chronic diseases and other factors include fever, heart disease, and poor circulation. Age (over 60) and fitness level are also important. Furthermore, if you have had a heat injury before, it is more likely to happen again.  

Some medications leave you susceptible to sunburn:

  • Tetracyclines – Doxycycline, Minocycline
  • Fluoroquinolones – Ciprofloxacin (Cipro), Gemifloaxin (Factive), Levofloaxin (Levaquin), Moxifloacin (Avelox) Ofloxacin (Floxin)
  • Sulfonamides – Sulfadiazine, Sulfamethazine,
  • Antifungals
  • Calcium Channel Blockers
  • Diuretics
  • Oral Contraceptives
  • Sulfonureas (Sulfa-drus)
  • Statins, Tricyclic Antidepressants
  • Ibuprofen, Naproxen
  • Antihistamines
  • St. John’s Wart

Medications known to cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke include:

  • Migraine Medications 
  • Vasoconstrictors
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Phenothiazine Anticholinergics
  • beta-blockers
  • ADHD medications
  • Diuretics

If you take medications, chances are they fall into some of these categories.  My recommendation is to talk to our doctor to get advice on how to stay safe and healthy while participating in Carnival.

Alcohol consumption predisposes revelers to heat injury by slowing down the hypothalamus and lowering its ability to regulate body temperature.  In addition, alcohol reduces the release of a hormone called vasopressin in the body, which regulates body fluids.  Alcohol is also a diuretic, which leads to dehydration.


Types of Heat Injury

heat injury at carnival types
Credit: University of Iowa.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat injury heat exhaustion
Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion. Credit: Adventis Health

Heat exhaustion is the body’s reaction to excessive water and salt loss, usually through sweating. 

As shown above, symptoms of heat exhaustion include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Irritability
  • Thirst
  • Heavy sweating
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Decreased urine output

To treat this, you should immediately remove yourself from the elements and drink a lot of fluid, preferably with electrolytes. Eat something light if possible, and rest in a shaded area. Anything too heavy will therefore cause vomiting if you are already nauseated.  If cold compresses are available, apply them to the neck, forehead, groin, and armpits.  Fainting is possible with heat exhaustion; so get emergency services involved immediately.

Heat Stoke

Signs and symptoms of heat stroke. Credit: Adventis Health.

Heat stroke is the most severe heat-related illness. It occurs when the body becomes unable to control its temperature: its temperature rises rapidly, the sweating mechanism fails, and the body cannot cool down. As a result, the body temperature can rise to 106 ° F or higher within 10 to 15 minutes. Heat strokes can therefore lead to death or permanent disability if emergency treatment is not given.

As shown above, symptoms of heat stroke include:

  • Confusion, altered mental status, slurred speech
  • Loss of consciousness (coma)
  • Hot, dry skin or profuse sweating
  • Seizures
  • Very high body temperature
Those who show signs and symptoms of a heat stroke must be removed from the environment and cooled as quickly as possible to prevent brain damage. Get emergency services involved immediately.

Reduce your risk of heat injury

Before I get into this, I want to tell you that heat injury can happen to anyone, despite your good health and fitness level.  If you travel to Carnival, you are already at a disadvantage because you have little time to acclimatize to the environment. 

  • Talk to your primary care manager (PCM) and discuss which medications and diseases you are at risk.
  • If you are on a medication that causes sunburn, wear sunscreen and reapply OFTEN.
  • If you have suffered a heat injury before, talk to the band about their emergency protocols.  If they are a much smaller band, they can also watch you and make sure you stay cool. Communication is key.
  • Pack a portable fan.  I have one that doubles as a fan, flashlight, and cellphone charger.
  • Most carnival crews are in team-no-sleep mode.  But sleep is a therapeutic process that repairs the cells in your body. If you aren’t sleeping, your risk of heat injury increases.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. I can hear it now! YEAH RIGHT!  Okay, but seriously, remember how alcohol affects your hypothalamus. The more alcohol you drink, the more it prevents your brain from controlling your body temperature.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and eat!  “Salt follows water,” so you lose salt and precious electrolytes when sweating.  Coconut water, Gatorade, and electrolyte packets help restore what is lost.
  • Most importantly, listen to your body! Don’t try to stick it out for anyone. If you notice signs or symptoms, treat yourself accordingly. 
  • Get out in the elements and exercise.  Prepping your body for similar stress will reduce your risk.

In conclusion, be safe!

Whew! That was a lot of information! If you got this far, thanks for toughing it out!  

Carnival is a lot of fun, but there are definitely some risks to your health.  I hope this raises awareness and encourages you to take some health safety measures!

Side note, the weather for the Atlanta and Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is typically pretty hot and very humid. Be safe! Above all, HAVE FUN!

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