When ordering your carnival costume, you choose a regular bra or a wire bra.  Wire bras are popular, but used to be for individuals/queens.  In other words, wire bras are currently mass-produced and won’t be custom made to you when you purchase your costume.  As a result, a new masquerader is more likely to encounter complications with fit.  You spend so much money on your costume, and it’s important to me that you have a good experience. Here are my tips for ordering your wire bra.

Wire bra basics you should know

bust vs cup size wire bra blog

Your band and cup measurements dictate the size of a regular bra, and some wire bras.  The band is measured just underneath the breast and serves as an important foundation of your bra.  The cup is a reflection of the volume of your breasts.

According to an article by the independent, 80% of women do not wear the right size bra. In turn, this can be a costly mistake for you. In light of this, I  recommend you fitted at your local Victoria’s Secret, or lingerie store.

wire bra sister sizes

Understanding your “sister size” is important.  Sister sizes are groups of a bra-equivalent that is related by the cup’s volume.  For example, I wear a 32DDD bra, but I can also wear a 34DD or a 36D. If you are remotely curious about what your sister sizes might be, check out the chart below.

Note: This is a general guideline based on my experience. All bodies and breasts are unique, and you know your ta-ta’s best!

Once you find your size, all of the sizes to the right and left are considered your sister size. I would recommend you look for one size to the left or right. Chart from playfulpromises.com

Ordering a wire bra by band & cup

Order your carnival costume in your current size. Some women know their bra sizes change with weight loss. As a result, you might be tempted to order a costume based on a weight loss goal.  Wire bras that are slightly too big can be better manipulated than wire bras that are too small.  A wire bra too small can cause nipple slips, discomfort and chaffing.

If you notice you don’t see your bra size available, consider ordering by sister size. If you do not see a sister size and have your heart set on wearing a wire bra, contact the band to see if they have options available for you.

Note:  Wire bra artisans will create one with your bust, cup height, and cup width in mind.  When you register with a band, wire bras are mass-produced with a general guide in mind. Creating a wire bra to support larger busts/breasts requires a lot of skill and additional techniques to ensure comfort of wear and that your lovelies stay in place. Because of this, larger-breasted women may not be offered the option of a wire bra.  If your heart is set on wearing a wire bra, I highly recommend @wiredchic_ on Instagram.

Ordering a wire bra by cup size

Wire bra registration carnival costume with wire bra

Some bands will ask you to select your wire bra by cup size.  Remember: a cup size is a measurement of the volume of your breast and does not consider the bust.

Funny story: I registered to play mas with a band and selected a bra according to my bust/cup.  At distribution, the band distributed cup size bras.  The DDD cup size was almost the size of my face. Luckily for me, they had D cup bras and swapped it out.

bust to cup ratio explained for carnival costume wire bras

My 32DDD breasts have less volume than a woman with 38DDD breasts.  A 38DDD woman may fit a DDD cup wire bra, it would be too large for me.

If you are a brand new masquerader and don’t know your cup size, you need to consult your band/section leader immediately before making your selection. If you don’t have clarity, don’t chance it.

Other useful tips

Atlanta Carnival
With experience, I learned that I can wear a D cup wire bra.

To be transparent, not all styles of wire bras work for all breasts, especially since they are mass-produced.  If you are not sure if a wire bra will work for you, I encourage you to select a regular bra option.

Depending on the perkiness of your breasts, you may find that some wire bra styles may not work for you, even though it is the right size.

Where to get a custom wire bra

Note:  Keep in mind that If you want a custom bra, your costume price will not be reduced. 

I have worked with the following stateside artisans below and highly recommend them. Click the hyperlinks below:

Alternatively, I have been following @gingerwirebras for some time, and love her work.  She is based in Trinidad.

In conclusion,  hope this little bit of information helps you choose your wire bra for a carnival costume.  If you have any questions or comments, please comment below, or contact me at hello@americanwinesmatter.com.  Alternatively, I can also be reached via DM on Instagram.  Be sure to subscribe to my website to stay up to date with my upcoming blogs.

If you’ve made it this far, check out my carnival must-haves!

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