I am about to go through the “plus-size” carnival costumes for Saint Lucia Carnival 2023, but I prefer to call it “full” or “more coverage.” The reality is even leaner women prefer more coverage for various reasons.

You can find plus-size carnival costumes with almost any band you look.  Besides, Carnival is for all shapes, sizes, and COMFORT levels.  The reality is body shape doesn’t dictate what someone should wear at Carnival. Comfort level does! I am honestly not a fan of labeling a costume style with someone’s size. I write this blog referencing “plus-size” because it is how people look for information.  Just know that if you are a plus-size woman looking for a carnival costume, you can wear whatever you want.  You can read my thoughts on this topic here. 


At any rate,  let’s check out the options for this year!

To read the Saint Lucia Carnival 2023 guide, click here.

Xuvo Carnival

**AWM’s PICK!** Xuvo Carnival’s theme this year is “Down the Rabbit Hole.” The costumes were designed inspired by the “Alice in Wonderland” theme. My favorite plus-sized costume design is “Wonderland” by Alejandro Gomez. I also love Xuvo because you can choose a carnival costume with more coverage and wear the big feathers.  If you want to check out Xuvo’s costume options for Saint Lucia Carnival 2023, click here.  I played mas with Xuvo last year, and it was a VIBE.  I can’t wait to see them again this year.  Check out the band launch video below.

Fuzion Mas

Fusion Mas’ theme this year is “Feel the Music,” designed with the inspiration of various musical artists and hits.  Be sure to check out their website here.

Just 4 Fun Carnival

Just 4 Fun’s theme this year is “Into the Beyond.”  To check out their plus-size costume options, click here.

Legends Carnival

Legends Carnival’s theme is called “The Essence of Time”.  To review their costume options, click here.

Red Carnival

Red Carnival’s theme this year is “Untamed.” To review their costume options this year, click here.

Other local hands are participating, such as: 

  • Taboo Carnival
  • Looshan Revelers
  • Phoenix Carnival
  • Insommeil Carnival

If you are a plus-size masquerader or looking for a costume with some coverage, this quick blog provides inspiration and a place to start planning for Saint Lucia Carnival 2023.  If you have any questions or comments, leave them below or email me at hello@americanwinesmatter.com

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