Save coin and think outside the box.

If you’ve had conversations with dancers and performers, you’d learn that the the concept of nude fishnets and hosiery is nothing new. It has been around waaaay before your favorite carnival stockings brand, so I really want to encourage you to continue to make use of yours even as you wait for your next carnival jump.

Beyonce wearing nude fishnets when she performed at coachella.
If you look closely, you can see Beyonce is wearing nude fishnets!

Carnival stockings in uniform? I tried it. I liked it.

Tracey standing in military dress uniform at a conference

I just absolutely love my carnivalista carnival stockings. Of all the brands that I have worn since my first jump in 2015, carnivalista has always provided me the best color match and the widest range of styles to choose from. The carnivalista range ranks one of the top items I wont go to carnival without so I dont think you should either.

In 2018 I was packing to attend a conference where and I had to wear my dress uniform. Im required to wear hosiery in my skirt, but I just didn’t feel like going to the store. By regulation, hosiery is required, but it doesn’t say what kind.  And so! I pulled out my pair of carnivalista naked fishnets and decided to do a little experiment on my trip.  I tried it, and liked it.  The perfect match blended so well with my legs that no one could tell then were fishnets until I called attention it it. 10/10, will do it again.

Picture of Tracey's legs in nude fishnet stockings
Perfect match!

Carnival stockings at a wedding? Perfect.

Tracey in traditional african wedding attire

I went to my carnival road partner’s two-day wedding in September this year. The first day was her traditional Nigerian wedding.  My Carnivalista naked fishnets came in handy once again.  My Asoebi gown showed off more leg than I cared for and was snug in the hips but  The fishnets provided seamless coverage of the legs and even protected me from some serious thigh rub. 

tracey standing in traditional african wedding attire with nude fishnet stockings
What fishnets?
closeup of Tracey's leg in nude fishnet stockings

Style your everyday outfits.

While packing for a fete at Miami carnival, I decided to add a pair of carnivalista sparkle fishnet shorts.  Because Im a shortie, they came down to look like capri’s and I liked it even more! Im a cinnamon shade and accidentally got them in a shade darker.  But this little mistake looked very good to me! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to wear this outfit due to costume distribution issues, but I will def be saving it for a later date.

I dont have any other pictures, but listed below are ways I have worn my carnival stockings outside of carnival:

1) Under ripped jeans. nude fishnets or regular stockings,  for a little extra warmth in the cooler days, colored or black fishnets to add texture to your look.

2) Under any skirt or pair of shorts.  Pair it with a pair of knee or thigh-high boots to set things off.

I hope this encourages you to get creative!

The use of your carnival stockings are damn-near limitless so I encourage you to think about how you can get more bang for your buck as you wait for your next carnival jump.  Want to try Carnivalista leggings?  Check them out by hitting the links below and use code: AWM 2021 for 10% off your order. Have any ideas to share? Comment below!

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