I’ve been getting my lashes done for years.

Lashes are all the rage because it accentuates the eyes and frames the face.  I don’t wear makeup much, so a nice set of lashes is part of my youthful look.

Due to an underlying medical condition, I have been getting my lashes done since 2014.  This year, I moved to South Carolina where the cost was insane. To top that, the lashes didn’t even stay on long enough to justify the cost. Seriously…when I lived in California, my volume lash refill was $70.  Here in good ole South Carolina? $200.  Nah. 

I had seen many advertisements for lashify and decided to give it a try. I got my control kit in June and was hooked after my first DIY lash application.

The lash control kit.

The lash control kit starts you off with everything you need.  It comes in a sleek case with an internal mirror.  Inside? 2 sets of lashes of your choice, the whisper lite dual-sided adhesive, glass sealant, the fuse control wand and a set wandoms. 

The lash control kit is $145 dollars.  If you use my link, you will get two more sets of lashes free (I don’t get paid, I just get extra points for lashes).

lashify lash control kit
Contents of the lashify lash control kit.

When you purchase your kit, you have the option to choose between amplify, curl and bold lashes.  Amplify lashes look the most natural with curl right in the middle. So to be conservative, I chose curl.

I got my order within less than 5 days.  I was so excited I didn’t pay attention and accidentally threw away my damn storage box.  Don’t be like Tracey.

Opening the lashify control kit
My lashify control kit with mink intimates lashes inside.

I can’t even put on strip lashes.

Leading up to arrival of my lashify order, I had some doubts.  Im 40 years old and I haven’t even mastered the strip lash. The f*** was I thinking trying lashify? But I watched the instructional videos and told myself that unless I wanted to walk around looking like a cancer patient, I had to figure this out. 

I followed the instructions as best I could.  The biggest tip that stuck with me was looking down into the mirror as I placed the lashes about 1mm above the lash line. This took me just a few minutes to do one eye.  Let me tell you, I was in SHOCK. After the first application to both lashes, it lasted about 5 days before they even began to lift.  I’m a tummy sleeper so to this day, its always my outer corners that lift. 

Lashify and I go together.


Eyes with and without lashify

I have been with Lashify about five months now, and I do not regret my choice.  In fact, I joined their “luxe box” subscription which gives me 50% off my lashes.  My favorite c-curl gossamers are typically 20 each, but I get them for 10.  To sign up, you are required to receive two shipments and you can cancel any time.  

I have been devoted to my basic c-curl gossamer lashes, but decided to give their Mink Intimates a try (which is what you see me wearing).  I like these too as they appear more natural. I also switched from their basic adhesive that came with the kit to their bondage adhesive.  This pushes my wear out to about ten days or so.

lashify bondage adhesive
lashify bondage adhesive.

Lashify pros.

Lashify cons.

  • Learning curve.  Everyone’s eye and face shape is different so application is different for everyone.  You have to find a technique that works best for you.  Also, if you stick your lashes too low, it can be irritating to the eye.
  • Inner and outer corners– these have the tendency to lift the most.  My recommendation is to not stick your lashes right in the corner and use shorter lashes on the outer lid.
  • Lash loss is NOTICEABLE.  Losing one little cluster will have you looking funny whereas with individual lashes, the lash loss is subtle.  There’s a special way of stacking your lashes to keep that gap appearance from happening.
  • Accessories can be pricy.  If you want a fancy new applicator wand, thats gonna run you. $65-75.  The removal does not come standard with the kit, and that runs about $21-$28 dollars.  

Lashify is definitely worth a try.

lashify lashes
Final look after stacking the lashes and the glue dried.

You can try the lashify control risk-free using my link. If you are not happy with it, return within 30 days, no questions asked! 

I really enjoy using my lashify system,  and I am sharing this because I believe you will too.  With Christmas coming around the corner, this would also make a fabulous gift. 

Happy Lashing! ❤️

Learn more about Lashify

Click here to check out Lashify and receive 2 extra sets of lashes with your control kit.

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