We are officially outside, and everyone has been hitting me in my DMs about the Atlanta Carnival events for 2022.  Don’t fret, anyone going to Atlanta Dekalb carnival can attend these events. Everyone knows that a great carnival experience comes with some great fetes!  I struggled to compile a list for the past week, but was graced by a resource that made this process so much easier for me.  I am not the biggest fete person.  Aside from Miami and Trinidad, your girl likes her sleep. Huge shout out to the ATL Carnival Vibes admin on WhatsApp.  Y’all the real MVP.

Thursday, May 26th

Flagorama – Starts at 9 pm.

Small Island Jam – Starts at 9 pm. 4975 Flat shoals parkway Decatur, GA.  Use code: Quiana for a discount.

Friday, May 27th

J’ouvert – 6 am – 10 am. Many mas bands are participating.  Be sure to check them out.

Epic (day party) – 3 pm – 9 pm

Release Atlanta – 3 pm – 11 pm

Tingo Atlantis – 8 pm – 2 am

(Downtown) Atlanta Carnival J’ouvert – 9 pm – 4 am

Love Soca – 10 am – 3 pm.

I am Soca (Soca concert) – 10 pm Use code: Quiana for a discount

Kooler (Vaval Weekend Cooler Fete) – 5 pm until?

Saturday, May 28th

Atlanta Dekalb Carnival11 am – 10 pm Masqueraders get in free.

(Downtown) Atlanta Carnival – 10 pm – 11 am 

Ovadose ATL – Spoogy the Boss Cooler Fete

Caution – 10 pm – 4 am (dancehall)

VI all De Way – 10 pm – 4 am (VI/small island fete)

VisTa Vie – 10 pm – 4 am (all – inclusive)

Sunday, May 29th

Rum in the Morning – 9 am – 3 pm (breakfast party)

Sunday Morning ATL – TBA (semi-inclusive breakfast party)

Stink in Pink – 12 pm – 6 pm (pool party)

DASH  2 pm – 8 pm (cooler fete) – Use CODE: Quiana for a discount.

Colorgasm – 3 pm – 10 pm (jouvert)

Tingo Phoenix – 11 am – 6 pm 

Wear White

Soca Wine Music Festival  – 3 pm – 7 pm (Afrobeats, Reggae, Soca, Wine, Music and Art (outdoor event) 

Monday, May 30th

Powder Fete Atlanta – 6 am – 11 am (j’ouvert)

Rise & Wine – 8 am – 11 pm (soca and dancehall)

#SSS Red – 11 am – 6 pm  Use Code: Quiana for a discount

ATLVIBES – 2 pm – Monday Wear/Costumes

 Vaval Road – 2 pm – Until ? Monday Wear

Tingo and Vaval Road are weekend events. And so, you can buy packages or individual tickets to your fetes of interest.

Atlanta Dekalb Carnival and Atlanta Carnival events culminate in an overall enjoyable experience.  I highly encourage you to check out a fete or two.. or three… or four. Whatever.

I’m not the biggest fete-goer. In other words, please don’t ask me which ones are the best to attend! And even if I were biased, I wouldn’t tell you to give them all a chance.

If you are new to Carnival, I want to tell you that J’ouvert HISTORICALLY is part of the Carnival experience. In other words, you didn’t experience carnival if you don’t get stink and dutty at J’ouvert.

To learn more about the “two Atlanta carnivals”, click here.

I hope this list helps!  See you on the road!


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