Vaval Weekend Miami 2021 was TRENDING, and it was not the event to miss.  The good news is the Vaval series is coming to Atlanta for carnival weekend, May 27th-30.  In other words, you probably don’t want to miss this either. Here’s what you need to know.

The birth of Vaval Weekend

Sponsorships Vaval Weekend
The team behind Vaval Weekend Miami.

St. Lucia Carnival went viral in 2019. As a result, going to SLU to experience “bam wall” was all the rage for 2020.  But thanks to COVID-19, we all know how things unfolded.   As a result, the Vaval Weekender series was created in 2021 to bring the fete and carnival experience to ease our tabanca.  Culminating events with a unique St. Lucian flair, the event is also inspired by the cultural elements of St. Vincent, Barbados, and Grenada. The powerhouses backing Vaval Weekend Atlanta include Xuvo (the mas band), NinjaFete, TonyX ent. and Back to Basics.

Vaval in Atlanta

Vaval Weekend Photo
Vaval Weekend "Bend" 2021.

Vaval Miami 2021 had 8 events.  On the other hand, the team has put together two unforgettable experiences for Atlanta Carnival weekend, so that they do not outshine all the originating fetes taking place over the years.  See more information about each of the fetes below.

Cooler Fete Vaval Weekend

Firstly, Vaval Weekend brings their Koölər fete on May 27th, 2022, at StudioX in Atlanta, GA.  Bring your small coolers, your vibes, and your flag!  The doors open at 5 pm, and all coolers must be in by 9. 

Basic cooler fete rules apply.  In other words, no oversized coolers, no ice, no chasers, and no glass bottles except champagne.  

Vaval Road Atlanta 2022

Sponsored by We Kinda Ting Mas (WKT), the experience ends with Vaval Road on May 30th. You can purchase an entry-only ticket or a lunch-inclusive, including food and drinks. Similarly, entry-only patrons can purchase food and beverages from designated stations. Bring your Monday wear and the vibes. Be on the lookout for Monday wear designs, which you can purchase, especially for this event.

Vaval Weekend 2021
Photo from Vaval Weekend Miami 2021 "Sunlit" fete.

In conclusion, you can purchase tickets to Vaval Weekend Atlanta by clicking the button below.  I hope to see you there!

Masqueraders registered with WKT get a special discount on their tickets. Check with We Kinda Ting for more information or standby for an email from the Vaval team.

I will update this blog as more information rolls in.  

Meanwhile, click here if you want to learn more about Atlanta or Atlanta Dekalb Carnival.

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