We all know the trophy will undoubtedly return to Trinidad next year, but the buzz around Saint Lucia Carnival 2022 is so crazy that I would argue it might be the “it” Carnival for the Island countries. You are definitely behind the power curve if you are starting to plan your trip to Saint Lucia Carnival, so get to planning! But if you want to know where to get costumes for Saint Lucia Carnival, this blog is for you. 

Be sure to check out my Saint Lucia Carnival guide here.

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Saint Lucia Carnival Costume Bands

Saint Lucia Carnival Costume
Credit: Saint Lucia Tourism Board

The good news is there are only a few bands for Saint Lucia Carnival, so you won’t be overwhelmed by the options left.  The bad news is that many options are sold out due to demand. 2020 registrants were also rolled over into this year’s production, likely making your favorite costume sold out.  But there are costumes for Saint Lucia carnival that are still available. Based on a quick evaluation, I have seen the prices of female costumes range from $700 – $1400. Check out the list of costume bands below:

St. Lucia carnival will be on July 18th and 19th this year.  The first day of Vaval will be in costume (pretty mas), followed by Monday wear on day two.

LVST Carnival released a Monday wear option for separate purchase. You can check it out here.

I am so excited to be headed to Saint Lucia this year.  Traveling to the island country has been on my bucket list for years. Throw in vaval, and I am in heaven!  If you’re coming out to Saint Lucia Carnival this year, be sure to say hello to ‘ya girl if you see her.

st lucia carnival, st. lucia carnival, lucia carnival, st lucia carnival costumes

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